Community Colleges for All

Community Colleges for All (CC-ALL) is a series of condensed and engaging digital materials that promote and foster success and equitable programs for diverse learners as they move through their guided programs. CC-ALL is designed for ALL individuals who are interested in and concerned about advancing issues related to community colleges. This convenient ALL-access, ALL-the-time material is for educators, advocates, students, and administrators.

Video logo Exploring and Engaging Equity Video Vignette Series

Our bite-sized video vignettes show topics of critical importance that aim to foster student success and equitable outcomes. They explore what equity is and reveal strategies to engage in equity-focused action.

Module 1: Exploring & Engaging Equity

Episode 1: Equity-Conscious Practices

Discover what the term "equity" really means and how educators can actualize equitable outcomes for all students, regardless of their backgrounds and characteristics. Learn how to use strategic solutions through ongoing and sustainable efforts that are grounded in equity. Watch the video.

Episode 2: Identifying Equity Consciousness Gaps

The P-20 education system does not engage enough initiatives to advance equity, nor do educators participate in self-reflection or identity gaps in equity consciousness like they should. Learn how to make equity a priority to attain equal outcomes by using data-informed decisions that are grounded in equity consciousness. Watch the video.

Episode 3: Developing Critical Consciousness for Advancing Equity

Critical consciousness offers a way for marginalized people to try to make sense of inequitable social and economical conditions around them, and to take action to change those conditions. Learn about critical consciousness in relation to education and about the acts of reflecting, analyzing, and taking steps to change social inequities. Watch the video.

Episode 4: Equity-Conscious Leaders and Cultural Proficiency - Leading for Change

Delve deeper into how equity consciousness and cultural proficiency are interconnected, and how important it is for leaders in education to include these practices within their overall framework. Learn also about "equity traps," which are patterns of thinking and behaviors that prevent educators from being successful with all students. Watch the video.

Episode 5: Recap

Get a summary of the preceding module-one videos to advance strategic solutions to redress inequities through ongoing and sustainable efforts centered around equity. Evolving from consciousness gaps to critical consciousness can occur by knowing what equity is and isn't, talking about sensitive issues around race, and making data-informed decisions grounded in equity. Watch the video.

Module 2: Advancing Racial Equity in Education

Episode 1: Why Race & Equity Matter in Education

Equity consciousness should intentionally promote culturally responsive practices that best advance educational opportunities and outcomes for racially minoritized, marginalized, and underserved students. Discover why race and equity matter in P-20 education and society at large. Watch the video.

Episode 2: Anti-Racist Education

Learn about concepts of equity, racial equity, and anti-racism and check out critiques on how educators interpret and use the term "equity." Watch the video.

Episode 3: Racialized Realities on Community College Campuses

Discover the historical foundation, mission, and racially troubling past of U.S. community colleges, as well as the racism that still exists in the institutions today—and what can be done to stop it. Watch the video.

Episode 4: Action Steps to Advancing Racial Equity in Education

Learn about strategies community colleges can use to advance racial equity through five specific action steps that can be taken right now. Watch the video.

Episode 5: Recap

Get a summary of the preceding module-two videos to help community colleges further racial equity in their institutions and beyond. Watch the video.

Module 3: Race, Racism, and Moving Toward Racial Justice

Episode 1: Race, Racial Antipathy, and Racialized Role Strain 
Episode 2: Racial Microaggressions and Racial Battle Fatigue Across Educational Contexts
Episode 3: Racialized Realities: Examining Whiteness, White Privilege, and Unlearning Colorblindness
Episode 4: Strategies and Resources to Address Race, Racism, and Move Toward Racial Justice
Episode 5: Recap

Module 4: Part I of Embedding Equity in Guided Pathways - Planning and Implementation

Episode 1: Embedding Equity in Planning and Implementation 
Episode 2: A Big Picture of Guided Pathways and Its Components
Episode 3: Planning
Episode 4: Implementation
Episode 5: Recap

Module 5: Part II of Embedding Equity in Guided Pathways - Early Outcomes, Evaluation, and Reframing

Episode 1: Recap of Part I in Module 4 
Episode 2: Early Outcomes
Episode 3: Evaluation
Episode 4: Reframing Toward a New Model
Episode 5: Recap

podcast logo Equity Speaks: Culturally Sustaining Stories in Education Podcast Series

Our podcasts help listeners learn more about intercultural communication and organizational development, with the goal of expanding people's understanding of core leadership competencies and effective, all-encompassing student-support services as well as guided pathways and other topics for engaged professionals.

Module 1: Culturally Sustaining Stories

Episode 1: Culturally Sustaining Leadership

Explore the culturally sustaining leadership practices that staff and administrators use while working with their student populations. Hear from Brandon Bellamy of Howard Community College in Maryland and Dr. Rhonda Coats of Davidson County Community College in North Carolina. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

Episode 2: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Discover the culturally responsive pedagogy practices that community college faculty members utilize while teaching their courses. Hear from Drs. Mara Lazda and Grisel Acosta, both of Bronx Community College, as well as from Dr. Tiffany Gause of Santiago Canyon College in California. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

Episode 3: Culturally Sustaining Wraparound Services for Student Success

Learn about the culturally responsive wraparound support services that administrators use to support racially minoritized student populations on community college campuses. Hear from Antonio Jackson of Fayetteville Technical Community College in North Carolina, Alvina Thomas of Delta Community College in Louisiana, and Gabrielle Thompson of Jefferson Community College in New York. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

Episode 4: Culturally Sustaining Practices on Race for a Better Campus Climate
Episode 5: Culturally Sustaining Practices Within Institutional Types
Episode 6: Brief Recap



Support for Community Colleges for All, also known as CC-ALL, is provided by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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