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Assessing Affective Factors to Improve Retention and Completion

by Terry O'Banion / Nov 17, 2014

Assessing students to determine the courses into which they should be placed for success is one of the key actions we take in community colleges.  In recent years researchers have told us that multiple measures—including assessments of the affective domain—can significantly improve our efforts.  In this paper, Ross Markle, a Senior Researcher at Educational Testing Service, and I set the context for the value of affective measures and cite several examples of how they can improve the placement of students to better ensure higher retention and completion rates.

Read Assessing Affective Factors to Improve Retention and Completion.

Terry O’Banion is President Emeritus, League for Innovation, and Chair of the Graduate Faculty, National American University. He welcomes responses at obanion@league.org.

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