Create Shared Understanding

The group develops a shared understanding of what the Pathways to Results process has accomplished and reflects on the work that team members have achieved by working together to improve programs and pathways as well as enhance student outcomes and equity. Teams come together to celebrate achievements and make plans to sustain long-term improvements. This step ensures that the group members' shared understanding of lessons learned and next steps are used to continue to grow and improve their programs and pathways. Plans made by teams should be captured in organizational and team-level vision, mission, and goal statements that guide the upcoming work of the current team and future teams.

Efforts should also be made to align these new ideas that emerge during the Review and Reflection phase with plans to develop new pathways that involve an increasingly wider group of organizations and partners. Fully integrating the Review and Reflection phase into the ongoing work of these groups ensures that Pathways to Results has a positive impact on student success well into the future.

Reflection Questions

1. What were the most salient aspects of the individual and group reflections?

2. How does the Pathways to Results process influence other dimensions of the partnership?

3. How will the Pathways to Results process improve student outcomes and equity?