The Improvement & Evaluation phase builds upon a detailed understanding of processes identified and developed during the previous phase, particularly ones that improve equity and outcomes for all students. Whereas the Process & Practice Assessment phase focuses on the “whys” of equity and outcomes, this phase focuses on the “what” of process change and the “how” of process implementation.

The first step in this phase involves developing solutions to problems the team identified in the Pathways to Results process. The second step involves identifying opportunities to integrate assessment and improvement plans into existing planning and accountability frameworks. In the third step, an evaluation plan is drafted by team members to track implementation and measure results. Lastly, team members in the fourth step will implement the solutions and analyzes results.


The primary purpose of the Improvement & Evaluation phase is to build on the work of the previous phase, with attention to aspects of the process that impact quality, student outcomes, and equity. By developing implementation and evaluation plans, this phase prepares team members to implement sustainable solutions that lead to more equitable student outcomes.

By engaging in process improvement and evaluation, Pathways to Results teams avoid the “deficit thinking” that sometimes leads to attributing equity gaps to deficiencies in students rather than limitations of the systems that enroll them. Looking critically at how processes create or contribute to gaps in student outcomes shifts the responsibility for improvement from students to practitioners, individuals who can make a genuine difference.

Additionally, receiving input from stakeholders who are familiar with all aspects of the problem can help identify solutions and is a critical component of Pathways to Results, particularly when solutions are being identified and tested.



The goals of this phase are to:

  • Select the solutions
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Create an evaluation plan
  • Implement and begin evaluation of the team’s solutions