Individual Reflection

The first step in the Review & Reflection phase involves individuals preparing a personal reflection and providing feedback on the Pathways to Results process, as well as recommendations for sustaining solutions and extending them to other pathways. Invitations to participate should be offered to everyone who has been involved in the Pathways to Results process. The overall learning will be more valuable for all if the maximum possible number of perspectives are included.

Each individual prepares a personal reflection that best illustrates one of the most important lessons he or she learned during the Pathways to Results process. These reflections should express a defining moment or breakthrough that the individual experienced or witnessed. Part of the value of the reflective process is determining which experiences to share so that individuals have the latitude to choose what is most memorable or important to them. To help participants prepare for the personal reflection phase, the team leader should provide participants with the Individual Reflection Tool to respond to questions and provide support.

At the same time, the team leader should collect data from each participant by distributing a questionnaire, conducting interviews, or hosting a focus group. Sending out questionnaires or holding interviews and focus groups takes time, so it is important to give team members and partners adequate time to provide feedback so that the data can be analyzed and interpreted thoroughly by all partners. There should be no surprises if the results of everyone are shared in a thoughtful and supportive way, with the goal of encouraging shared learning and future planning.