Describe the Problem

Team members will describe in this step the equity gap that was identified through analysis of the data in the form of a problem description and problem statement. This work is captured in the team's Pathways To Results Charter. The problem description should describe the data reviewed and reference the specific equity gaps identified. These are living statements that the team can revisit as necessary as new data emerges and the team's understanding of the problem grows. After drafting these statements, the team then turns to identifying key partners who can support the Pathways to Results process. Partners may not attend regular Pathways to Results meetings, but their contributions are critical to the success of the Pathways to Results process. Teams are advised to incorporate individuals, as appropriate, from secondary and/or transfer institutions, employers or industry representatives, policymakers, community-based organizations, or workforce-development initiatives. A list of partners is also recorded in the team's Pathways To Results Charter.