Convene a Team

In this step, team members convene for a meeting (or a series of meetings) and review the Pathways to Results material, with a commitment to improving equity for students. At this point, the stakeholders start to reflect on how the team will engage in the Pathways to Results process, and how the Pathways to Results process aligns with the goals and other improvement processes at their institution.

The Pathways to Results team initiates its Pathways to Results Charter by identifying who will lead and participate in the core team. This team will review existing data on student performance and outcomes that are currently collected for the college, pathway, and/or program of study. Results of previous program review, accreditation, and other evaluation and assessment processes should be studied by team members to give them an idea of pathway and program quality and student outcomes, including enrollment, academic achievement, retention, completion, credentialing, and employment outcomes.