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Through its program review process Illinois Community College Board coordinates a statewide system of review of instructional programs of study provided by community colleges throughout the state. The intent of this review process to support colleges in making campus-level planning and decision-making related to the quality and cost-effectiveness of programs, assessment and improvement of programs, identifying programs that should be discontinued or scaled-back, and best practices and other exemplary innovations that can be scaled internally or externally to the college. A program review manual and supporting materials are provided by the Illinois Community College Board to guide the process.


OCCRL is conducting an evaluation of the ICCB program review process for career and technical education programs. The study will focus on the program reviews completed by Illinois community colleges of career and technical education programs in the first cycle of the new evaluation process that ended September 1, 2017.

OCCRL has four goals for this evaluation study:

  • Improve the efficiency and efficacy of the program review process by identifying challenges, redundancies, omissions, and providing recommendations for refining the process.
  • Examine variation of the program review process across institutional contexts and institutional identities (e.g., rural/suburban/urban, minority-serving institutions/predominately white institutions, small/large student populations) to understand how the process is utilized across diverse institutions throughout Illinois.
  • Identify professional development, technical support, and supplemental materials that could improve outcomes associated program review.
  • Improve the application of program review findings in colleges campus-level programmatic planning and decision-making.


ICCB Program Review Process Webinar:

December 12 2017 Program Review webinar title slideThis webinar provides an overview of the new Program Review manual and its respective review tools. ICCB staff representing Academic Affairs, Career and Technical Education, and Student Services discuss expectations for program review submissions and provide preliminary feedback and insights from this year’s submissions. In addition, we share how the Board is committed to continuously improving the program review process. Heather Fox, Assistant Director of Operations, Communications, and Research from the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) discusses their external evaluation of ICCB’s program review process and introduces our efforts to engage the field in this critical and reflective evaluation process.

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