Community College Spotlight

            Meet Our Interviewees


Peter Bahr
   Graduate of Solano Community College

     "Nothing about my start in life or my early college experiences hinted at
where I would be now or what I would be doing

Jewel Bourne
   Graduate of Santa Monica College

     "Attending a community college changed my entire life."

Erin L. Castro
   Graduate of Kirkwood Community College

     "While attending community college was a critical part of my educational journey,
I also think it's important to be real about the transition to a four year-institution
. My transfer experience was difficult."

    H.M. Kuneyl
   Graduate of Lone Star College-North Harris

     "I consider myself a community college success story."

    Stacey Robinson
   Graduate of Fayettville Technical Community College

     "To this day, I'm grateful the staff I worked with allowed me to use that camera and that Shane (Booth) taught my last class before graduating. Every time I teach an evening course, I think to myself how I'm doing this for students like me who needed a professor like Shane."

     Keith Wood
   Graduate of Jefferson Community College

     "I want to offer words of encouragement to anyone who is on the fence about taking courses at a community college."