Micro What? Microaggressions and the Impact on Faculty, Staff, and Students

Event Type: OCCRL

Plenary session presented by

  • Chaddrick Gallaway, Research Assistant OCCRL
  • HyeJin Yeo, Research Assistant OCCRL
  • Marci Rockey, Research Associate OCCRL
  • Heather L. Fox, Assistant Director of Operations, Communications, and Research, OCCRL

The purpose of this plenary session is to educate staff and faculty on the nature of microaggressions and how to handle them in and outside of the classroom in the Rock Valley College community. Microaggressions are conscious and unconscious actions and choices of words that are offensive to certain social identity groups (race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.). Though microaggressions are often not intentional, the harm can have a huge impact on campus environment and student outcomes. This session is intended to help faculty and staff to create an inclusive environment for diverse populations.