Using Evidence to Support the Implementation of High Impact Practices

Speaker Information:

Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, Office of Community College Research and Leadership
Marci Rockey, Office of Community College Research and Leadership

Pathways to Results is a data-driven process that relies on disaggregation of institutional and student level data and critical assessment of institutional policies and practices to provide a rationale for improvement efforts. In some cases, despite data leading to an appropriate improvement plan, the implementation of the improvement plan can further isolate the very populations that the improvement intended to help. This session will focus on implementing various evidence-driven high-impact practices across a number of different contexts that support successful outcomes and equity for all students.

Part of the Forum for Excellence conference, which highlights the continuing partnership of Career and Technical Education and Adult Education in Illinois. The Forum is sponsored by the Illinois Community College Board, and hosted by the Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support, the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, and the Central Illinois Adult Education Service Center.



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