Upcoming Webinar! Serving Career and Technical Education Students Beyond the Associate’s Degree: The Ongoing Evolution of Career Pathways Thinking

For some practitioners, educators, and policymakers the notion of career pathways or career and technical education (CTE) ends with the achievement of a certificate or a terminal associate’s degree. However, as the demand increases from students and industry to offer pathways and stackable credentials that create open doors (rather than barriers) to the baccalaureate, many are faced with tough questions about how such programs fit within current structures, policies, and even how to bridge the divide in day-to-day services, curriculum, and advising between “career” and “academic” tracks in the community college.

This 20-30 minute “coffee break” webinar will provide perspectives on this issue from the Pathways to Results initiative, which has facilitated career pathways improvement initiatives both nationally and in 47 of the 48 Illinois community colleges, including for recent transfer-focused projects; from the Applied Baccalaureate research initiative, and from the Illinois Community College Board. Participants will also be invited to share their questions for the discussants and to share their own experiences and solutions for building successful career pathways inclusive of transfer and baccalaureate completion.

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Faculty, administrators, or advisors involved in program review, curriculum or program design, or advisement
  • Perkins or other grant administrators
  • Applied Baccalaureate Coordinators
  • Transfer Coordinators
  • Provosts or chief academic officers


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Applied Baccalaureate Research Initiative and the Illinois Community College Board