About Illinois Pathways

The PRC began as a supportive and coordinating structure within Illinois’ implementation of the 2012 Race to the Top III grant.  In this capacity, the PRC serves as a centralized resource for local districts, their postsecondary and employer partners, and the Illinois STEM Learning Exchanges as they seek to:

  • Create effective partnerships;
  • Select and implement student programs of study within the Race to the Top career cluster areas;
  • Implement curriculum reforms necessary to support their chosen programs of study and career cluster areas; and
  • Create and maintain sustainable and effective pathways for their student populations from K-12 schools to postsecondary education to careers.

As part of the Illinois Pathways Initiative, the PRC has a number of associated partners, all working together to support schools and school districts as they work to ensure college and career success for their students.  The relationship between these partnerships can be expressed using the graphic below:

Illinois Pathways Model

*To learn more about any of the associated partners, please visit the Illinois workNet Center website.

Through it’s Race to the Top work, the Pathways Resource Center is also engaged in strategic and collaborative partnerships, working with other state and local agencies to ensure that the Illinois Pathways Initiative is implemented successfully throughout the state.  Those partners include:

To support the state’s implementation of the Illinois Pathways Initiative, the PRC is drawing upon the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) professional staff who have deep experience with research, development, and technical assistance on pathways and programs of study.