Transfer in the Spotlight: New Models, New Opportunities

by Debra D. Bragg / Mar 9, 2016

Despite it's long historic mission in U.S. community colleges, transfer is receiving a great deal of attention these days. Issues related to successful transfer from community colleges to universities are being explored through initiatives such as Credit When It's Due (CWID) and transfer research. In cities like Chicago, higher education institutions are exploring new models such as the Arrupa College created by Loyola University of Chicago. Serving underserved populations, particularly low-income students in the Chicago metropolitan area, Arrupa College promises to offer a summer pre-enrollment orientation, small class sizes and academic and social supports, one-on-one contact with specialized faculty, an associate’s degree that is fully transferable throughout the state, and possibly most important, a financial strategy that permits low-income students to fully finance the cost of instruction without accumulating debt that will extend beyond completion of their associate’s degree.

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