A Multi-Level Perspective on Rigorous Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities

by Heather L. Fox / Sep 7, 2016

There is growing momentum to implement and expand quality concurrent enrollment opportunities. One key resource for concurrent faculty and administrators is the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). NACEP is an accrediting body for concurrent enrollment that fosters students achievement through standards of excellence for concurrent enrollment that are designed to promote support strong collaborations between high schools and colleges that result in rigorous concurrent enrollment courses offerings. As concurrent enrollment faculty and administrators prepare for NACEP’s annual conference this October, they are encouraged to tap two new resources. First, NACEP is presenting a webinar entitled Entering the Starting Gate for Credential Attainment, on September 15, 2016 at 2:00 PM CDT, featuring key components of coursework and training necessary for high school instructors to become concurrent enrollment faculty. Second, OCCRL’s newest FEATURE on Research and Leadership brief, Three Views on Concurrent Enrollment presents a national, state, and local perspective on concurrent enrollment.

Kent Scheffel, the author of Three Views on Concurrent Enrollment, is the current president of NACEP. Scheffel’s perspective reflects his unique combination of expertise on dual credit, and more generally, concurrent enrollment. Scheffel is vice president of enrollment services at Lewis and Clark Community College, where he oversees one of the largest dual credit programs in Illinois. The program extends to eighteen high schools in his college district, and is currently the only NACEP accredited program in the state. Finally, in the Scheffel took an active role in establishing an Illinois state chapter of NACEP, also known as the Illinois Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (ILACEP). In his brief, Scheffel takes up important questions of quality, program accreditation, and educational policy, based on his roles in the NACEP, Lewis and Clark Community College, and ILACEP.

Learn more, read Three Views on Concurrent Enrollment.