Reflecting on High-Impact Changes to the Critical First Year

by Marci Rockey and Randi Congleton / Feb 3, 2016

While institutions grapple with increased pressure to move more students to completion in an environment of uncertainty and decreasing resources, it is imperative that student support programs be delivered equitably, efficiently and effectively.  As Pathways to Results begins to more actively support institutions to implement evidence-based solutions for student success, we have been reflecting on what really makes a difference for community college students in the critical first year of attendance. These types of programs are explored in the brief "Exploring the Role of First-Year Experiences in Enhancing Equity and Outcomes" by Marci Rockey and Randi Congleton, which describes the components and value of first-year programs, especially to those students that may are sometimes labeled as academically underprepared.

What types of programming have made a difference in your students' first-year experience? What other innovative practices are being embraced at your institution to move students from access to success?