OCCRL 25-year History: Learn About Our Alumni!

by OCCRL / Aug 4, 2014

Since OCCRL began in 1989 many students have found a home to learn about community colleges, to explore their growing interest in community colleges, and to identify research topics that they can examine as part of their graduate studies. Through the Community College Executive Leadership (CCEL) program, students deepen their understanding of community colleges and prepare for careers working in community colleges as administrators, faculty, and support services providers. Some graduates continue OCCRL’s legacy by assuming positions as university faculty and engaging in research on the community college.

OCCRL’s website is featuring alumni who are helping us celebrate our 25th milestone by sharing their career successes. This blog features the career paths and perspectives of two CCEL alumns, Dr. Elisabeth Allanbrook Barnett and Dr. Wendy L. Howerter. We are proud to count them as OCCRL alumni!