What is cultural competence and how do we evaluate programs through a culturally responsive lens?

by Randi M. Congleton / May 29, 2014

An overarching goal of the Pathways to Results process is to produce equitable student outcomes. OCCRL has written a series of briefs on topics that provide PTR stakeholders with information that facilitate conversions and change by calling attention to the needs of racially diverse, low-income, and other underserved students.

The fifth issue of Insights into Equity and Outcomes focuses on cultural competence. What is cultural competence? How do we use culturally responsive evaluation to assess our programs? Read Cultural Competence in Pathways to Results article to answer these questions and learn more about reaching your students.

Randi M. Congleton, M.S., is a doctoral student in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership with a specialization in Higher Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant for OCCRL.