OCCRL is Thankful to Share Transformative Work

by Cathy Kirby / Nov 26, 2013

In our work with community colleges and their partners, the evaluation and research teams at OCCRL are privileged to see firsthand many exciting initiatives and meet the people who are directly involved. As part of our leadership of the Transformative Change Initiative, we are learning and sharing the ways in which community colleges in the TCI Network are thinking creatively and collectively with partners, focusing programs and processes on students’ needs, and sharing what they are learning and creating with others in the TCI Network and beyond. We were particularly inspired by the encouraging messages relayed in this video, created by one consortium in the TCI network, MoHealthWINs. We share it with you as an example of how one innovation, Intrusive Student Services, can transform the lives of students and the ways in which our colleges are changing to better meet their needs. And, it is only one example of many promising innovations being tested by colleges involved in Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) consortia. We are thankful to be able to observe and share such rewarding work. We think you will enjoy it, too. View the video to see how the Missouri community colleges are helping students in MoHealthWINs.