OCCRL’s First UPDATE Newsletter from Spring 1990

by Collin Ruud / Nov 9, 2012

OCCRL has just initiated its work in scanning and documenting its publication archive, starting with the UPDATE Newsletter. We will be digitizing the articles so they are text-searchable and formatting them for the web, but in the meantime, we will be making the PDF scans of the Newsletters available shortly.

For those interested, we would love to share with you our first edition of the UPDATE on Research and Leadership from OCCRL. These newsletters have been continuously published 2-3 times per year for the past 23 years, and focus on a variety of topics and findings that emerge from our research efforts. You can see our most recent Newsletters by clicking here.

We are excited to be digitizing our archives! Have you or your office done similar things? Have you made new (old) discoveries? Do you have any feedback from reading our first UPDATE edition?