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Redesign, Reinvent and Reset

by OCCRL / Jun 11, 2012

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) released a report entitled Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future at its annual convention in April. This report looked at the challenges facing community colleges and potential solutions that fall under three categories: redesigning students’ educational experience, reinventing institutional roles, and resetting the system. The report’s recommendations are designed to help “reimagine” the community college.

OCCRL’s Pathways to Results process could serve as a valuable to tool in the reimagining of community colleges. This process is aimed at improving student transitions to college and careers by empowering partner organizations (schools, community colleges, universities, employers, community groups, and others) to use methods, templates and tools to continuously improve programs of study and produce equitable student outcomes.

Five Phase of PTR

So far this five-phase process has allowed community colleges to… <insert tangible examples of PTR successes>. Community colleges typically use the process to address an issue with a particular program and then use successes to expand to other programs and issues.

How do you think community colleges can be “reimagined”?

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