Envisioning Freshmen Racial Microaggression Experiences by Race/Ethnicity

HyeJin Tina YeoThis paper being examined by OCCRL research assistant HyeJin Tina Yeo at the AERA Meeting will cover the ways in which freshmen students of color experienced racism at a predominately white institution (PWI) in the Midwest.

Differences and similarities between racial/ethnic groups were analyzed from three qualitative questions regarding racial experiences and sense of belonging on campus from a campuswide survey sent to all domestic students of color. Freshmen encountered racism in forms of microassaults and microinvalidations. Students of color across racial groups felt unwelcomed or not belonging on campus due to their race/ethnicity. Over 50% of respondents shared experiences of being stereotyped. Differences were primarily found within the differing stereotypes, such as ascriptions of intelligence, criminality, and beauty.

The findings will provide guidelines for PWIs to create an inclusive campus climate for freshmen students of color.

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