Intersectional Tensions, LGBTQ Identity and Collegiate Contexts

Speakers: Steve Mobley, The University of Alabama; Z Nicolazzo, University of Arizona; Jason Taylor, University of Utah: Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The intersections of these cultural categories and complexities of the converging aspects of self will be highlighted across each paper. The presenters will address the lack of attention paid to racialized experiences, contexts, and colonizing harms to LGBTQ marginalized communities and discuss identity capital via intersectional lens. The objectives of the proposed session is to offer attendees a blend of theory, practice, and research relative to the sociopolitical and historical context and how higher education is a microcosm of larger society in terms of pervasive stereotypes, lack of awareness of identity development and understanding of the needs of LGBTQ students. In addition, this session endeavors to situate and problematize identity interaction, campus life, the scope/effectiveness of services, programs, and policies affecting LGBTQ college students.