Advancing Program Review: Preliminary Results of OCCRL's Participatory Evaluation of Illinois Program Review Process

Through its program review process, the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) coordinates a statewide system of review of instructional programs of study provided by community colleges. The intent of this review process is to support colleges in campus-level planning and decision-making related to the quality and cost-effectiveness of programs, as well as conducting an assessment and improvement of the programs. In addition, this process identifies programs that should be discontinued or scaled-back and recommends best practices and other exemplary innovations that can be scaled internally or externally to the college.

In collaboration with the participation of 49 experts from community colleges across the state and ICCB, the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) conducted a participatory evaluation of the ICCB program review process, with a focus on career and technical education programs. This upcoming webinar will provide preliminary findings from that process including 1) key environmental and institutional factors that vary among colleges statewide that must be accounted for in the program review design; 2) five critical design challenges and ideas for addressing them; and 3) design considerations for advancing the program review moving forward. OCCRL will also share plans for building on this work.