OCCRL Brownbag Talk: Exploring the Spatial Transfer Receptive Culture for Latina/o/x Community College Transfer Students at a PWI with Dr. Jose Del Real Viramontes

Speaker: Dr. Jose Del Real Viramontes

Research on the experiences of Latina/o/x community college students who transferred to four-year universities generally describes how Latina/o/x community college transfer students’ experience feelings of isolation as a result of their racial/ethnic identity, age, and academic abilities (Valenzuela, 2006; Rivera, 2007; Cobian, 2008; Rivas, 2012; Hagler, 2015; and Castro & Cortez, 2016). A more recent study, revealed how Latina/o/x students at a four-year university develop a spatial awareness of comfort spaces where they selectively engaged in moments of socio-academic, nonsocial, and nonacademic integration (Andrade, 2017). Despite the important contributions to the understanding of the Latina/o/x community college transfer experience, these studies do not look at how race manifested in social and physical spaces on campus, contribute to the transfer experiences of Latina/o/x community college transfer students. Using photos and short reflections, this study explored how Latina/o/x community college transfer students perceived the spatial transfer receptive culture at a PWI. Data was analyzed using a Critical Race Spatial Analysis (CRSA) framework. CRSA looks at how structural and institutional factors divide, constrict, and construct space to impact the educational experiences and opportunities to students based on race (Solórzano and Velez, p. 430). Findings revealed how subtle and unsubtle representations of race play a role on the social and physical spaces Latina/o/x transfer students visit on campus and how these spaces contribute to their overall experiences as community college transfer students at a PWI.

The brownbag talk will include an approximately 30-minute presentation followed by a conversation on the topic. Grab your lunch and join us!

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