Identifying Equity Gaps and Successful Practices in STEM at Hispanic-Serving Community Colleges

Event Type: OCCRL

Speaker Information: Angel Velez, HyeJin Yeo, Eboni M Zamani-Gallaher, Heather L Fox

The research on HSIs is young and primarily centers on the four-year context. Within this literature, there is a dearth of information available on Hispanic-Serving Community Colleges (HSCCs). HSCCs are a critical part of STEM pathways for Latino/a students as over 60% of Latino/as with baccalaureates in STEM attended a community college during their undergraduate years. This breakout session will center the multiplicity of HSCCs and the significance of institutional identity of HSCCs in closing achievement and completion gaps for Latino/a students in STEM fields. The presenters will highlight preliminary qualitative and quantitative data from a National Science Foundation funded project (i.e., HSCC STEM enrollment and completion by race/ethnicity and gender, HSCC state profiles of STEM by programs of study and completion). Implications for policy, practice, and additional research that inform increasing matriculation and degree conferral in STEM among underrepresented racial minority students (URMs) will be discussed. Attendees will glean how important HSCCs are in broadening participation as well as providing viable on-ramps to employment and further study in STEM for URMs. In sum, the proposed session, will underscore culturally congruent policies and practices at HSCCs that support the success of URMs and promises to appeal to a wide range of attendees desiring to build equitable STEM pathways, particularly for Latino/a students.