Dean's Diversity Lecture Series: Undocumented to Hyperdocumented: The Power of Documentation

Event Type: OCCRL

Speaker Information: Dr. Aurora Chang

One of the strategies that undocumented students have employed to “earn” citizenship is to academically achieve. In this talk, Dra. Chang shares the lessons she has learned on her journey/transition from a once undocumented immigrant from Guatemala to a hyperdocumented
academic in the U.S. Through the telling of counter-stories from her own life and those of her students, she reveals how undocumented intelligence and hyperdocumentation, both terms she developed and theorized, are the foundation upon which undocumented students’  critical hope is built and their powerful narratives are told.

Once an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala and raised in Richmond, California in a family of eight, Dra. (Doctora) Aurora Chang is now an assistant professor at Loyola University’s School of Education, where she teaches coursework on social justice education, school reform, undocumented students, Chicana Feminist Epistemology, and urban schooling. Dra. Aurora Chang is the author of The Struggles of Identity, Education, and Agency in the Lives of Undocumented Students: The Burden of Hyperdocumentation.