Reality and Resiliency: The Educational Needs and Strengths of Former Foster Youth

Event Type: OCCRL

Speaker Information: Heather L. Fox, OCCRL

Education is key for the long-term health and happiness for all children. The reality is that foster youth face barriers to their educational success throughout their educational pathway. This webinar will provide an overview of what is known about the barriers that foster youth and former foster youth face along the educational pipeline and how these barriers impact their educational outcomes. Promoting resiliency through the development of personal strengths and support structures can empower foster youth to reach their personal, educational, and career goals. While this is important for all foster youth, it is especially pressing for foster youth in middle and high school, who are moving towards a transition to adulthood and independence. Practical approaches to how CASA volunteers can both directly and indirectly support resiliency as part of their advocacy work will be shared, including a brief introduction to individualized learning planning processes that can be used to help foster youth define and strive for their goals.