Another (Un)Funded Mandate: Lessons Learned From Race to the Top in a Phase 3 Winner State

Speaker Information:

Anjalé Welton, Yolanda Davis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Race to the Top was designed with the assumption that grant “winners” would have the capacity to see their initiatives through. However, we question whether Phase 3 “winners” were actually “winners,” given they were faced with implementing the reform with much less financial support to do so. Within this context, we focus on Illinois to understand how district leaders both made sense of and implemented the policy.

Paper presentation in the Critical Analyses of State and Federal Policy Initiatives paper session.

Part of the UCEA Convention 2016: Revitalizing Education in Complex Contexts: Re-Envisioning Leadership, Refreshing Practice, Redefining Student Success


University Council for Educational Administration, Curry School of Education, The University of Virginia