58th Annual CSCC Conference

OCCRL Staff will be giving multiple presentations at this conference:

Session II - The Scholars Roundtables: Academic Job Search and Faculty Career Options

Session III - Symposium: Redefining Social and Cultural Capital Among Community College Students

Session XI - Symposium: New Directions in Publishing: The Ins and Outs of Publishing in New Directions for Community Colleges

Session XIV - Supporting Pathways To and Through Community Colleges: The Impact of Enhanced Retentions Service on Students' College and Careers Outcomes

Session XX - Symposium: Community College International Education Impact on Individuals, the College Community, and Society: Redefining Research and Scholarship

Session XXII - International and Policy Issues in Community Colleges: Crafting State Policy Towards College and College Readiness: A Case Study of the Illinois CCR Model

Session XXIII - Symposium: A Play in Four Acts: Autobiographical Counternarratives from the Community College to the Ph.D.

Session XXVII - Symposium: The Community College Completion Agenda: Implicatons for Policy and Practice

See the Schedule of Presentations for full information about these presentations.


The Council for the Study of Community Colleges

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