Take it to Scale: How Principles put Into Practice Lead to Transformative Change

Speaker Information:

Facilitator: Heather Fox, OCCRL
Ann Beheler; National Information, Security and Geospatial Technologies Consortium (NISGTC)
Dawn Busick; MoWins, Missouri Community College Association
Maria Fieth; Consortium for Healthcare Education Online (CHEO)
Susan Gallagher; National STEM Consortium
Marianne Krismer; Health Professions Pathways Consortium (H2P)

In this session a panel of TAACCCT leaders will share their approach to and advice on sustaining and scaling educational innovations. This discussion will be framed by the Guiding Principles for Transformative Change and related resources that support leaders in increasing the impact of their educational innovations and effect transformative change.Educational innovations are being developed by colleges across the nation. The next step for many colleges is to scale the impact of these innovations to serve more students. This session draws on the experiences of a panel of TAACCCT leaders that are scaling innovations in conjunction with their TAACCCT projects. A framework and toolkit for scaling innovations that is drawn from both research and practice will be shared. The framework which consists of eight guiding principles is designed to promote transformative change through informed decision making. The guiding principles themes are: leadership, adoption and adaptation, evidence, storytelling, networks, dissemination, technology, and spread and endurance. This presentation is targeted at college leaders, staff, and faculty, as well as, their partners who are interested in learning about and scaling innovations that improve student outcomes and program, organization, and system performance.

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