Reflections on the Role of S-STEM in Community College Student Pathways

This inaugural Community College S-STEM Network (CCSN) webinar with Dr. Debra Bragg and David Brown will cover community college pathways and the numerous ways in which S-STEM programs can shape them. Dr. Bragg is the former director of OCCRL and the president of Bragg and Associates Inc. Brown is an emeritus professor of chemistry at Southwestern College. Bragg and Brown are also part of CCSN's research hub team.

CCSN aims to explore and better understand the decision-making processes of low-income community college students who earn a National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) Program. CCSN envisions a future in which low-income students who are interested in STEM careers can make informed decisions about their education, with the necessary financial and administrative support from their institutions.