From Community College to Medical School: Supporting the Transition

The time listed is Pacific Standard Time.

This free virtual event will offer a collaborative and supportive environment for community college counselors who want to gain valuable insights, resources, and best practices to help aspiring medical students achieve their academic and career goals. Session topics will cover:

  • Why pathways from community college to medical school matter
  • How the U.S. medical school application process works
  • Success stories from community college graduates who are pursuing careers in medicine
  • How to translate academic outcomes in community college to medical school applications

Session speakers:

Marcella Anthony, MPA (Stanford School of Medicine)
Lorenzo Baber, M.Ed, PhD (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Kristin McCann, PhD (University of Chicago)
Sunny Nakae, MSW, PhD (California University of Science and Medicine)
Sara Roser-Jones, MS (University of Chicago)
Emily Sharp-Kellar, JD (University of Chicago)

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