Division J Vice Presidential AERA Session: Centering Race and Equity in Community College and Transfer Research

This symposium at the 2021 AERA Annual Meeting will emphasize the need for methodological and theoretical innovation that centers racial equity in understanding and researching community college contexts and transfer processes, as well as preparing the next generation of scholars for this work. As an example, we present a mixed-methods study (QuantCrit and Critical Policy Analysis), grounded in Critical Race Theory, which investigates whether transfer incentive policies are grounded in racially unjust assumptions. Our session highlights approaches for: (1) centering race and equity via critical frameworks and methodologies in community college/transfer research; (2) investigating how transfer practices and policies may improve educational equity for racially minoritized students or further contribute to a racially unjust educational system; and (3) supporting graduate students in developing equity-oriented scholarship via a research team-based approach.

Dr. Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, director of OCCRL, will be the discussant at this event.

The paper being discussed is titled "Racial Equity in Community College Transfer Incentive Policies: A Critical Mixed-Methods Analysis."

The times listed above are Central Standard Time.