Assessing and Advancing Equity Through Guided Pathways

Equity Conscious Community College Pathways

With support from the Office of Community College Research and Leadership’s Pathways Collaborative Equity Partners Fund, the Community College Research Center has developed two tools to help colleges identify equity gaps at the program level and reflect on current policies and practices that may be contributing to inequitable outcomes, with the goal of helping change them. This webinar will discuss the design, purpose, and utility of both tools.

The first tool is a data template and guide to help colleges examine representation of historically marginalized groups in programs leading to relatively more opportunity after graduation. The second tool is designed to help colleges use insights garnered through the data tool to interrogate current practices and policies and how they may contribute to inequities, with the goal of designing new practices that lead to more equitable access, progress, and success.


John Fink, Senior Research Associate
Maggie Fay, Research Associate
Hana Lahr, Senior Research Associate
Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Associate


More info:

Under the Office of Community College Research and Leadership’s (OCCRL) Equity Conscious Community College Pathways (EC3P) project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), targeted grants were awarded from the Pathways Collaborative Equity Partners Fund to Pathways Collaborative member organizations. Three organizations received one-year, $50,000 awards to support testing of interventions, programs, practices, or strategies to improve or promote equity-centered and culturally responsive initiatives. OCCRL is excited to announce the Pathways Collaborative Equity Partners Fund Webinar Series, in which award recipients will detail and discuss their individual projects, findings, outcomes, and the overall potential impact of their work toward equity-centered practices and/or policies. Registration is now open for all of the webinars in the series! All webinars will begin at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time.