The Utilities of Local Data in STEM Math Pathways: Exploring African American Student Placement, Course Taking, and Engagement at a PBI

Speakers: Dr. Eboni Zaman-Gallaher, Dr. Chauntee Thrill, Dr. Helen Burn, Dr. Vilma Mesa, Dr. J. Luke Wood

This presentation will present findings from a national survey of mathematics department chairs in associate degree-granting colleges, focusing on three factors that collectively affect students as they transition into the STEM math pathway. Specifically, the presenters will highlight disaggregated data and analysis that show how mathematics placement, DPC2 courses, and use of local data are interacted in practice at a predominately black institution (PBI).

The talk will take place at this year's Minority Serving Institution Convening. The theme of the event is "Minority Student Success: Using Data to Effect Change."

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