Social Identity, Implicit Bias & Stereotypes, and Microaggressions

Speaker: HyeJin Tina Yeo, OCCRL research assistant

The aims of this two-hour session are 1) to understand social identities (race/ethnicity, class, gender, nationality, language, religion, and sexual orientation;  2) to explore and reflect on implicit bias and stereotypes; and 3) to educate Korean preservice teachers (or student teachers) on the nature of discrimination and how to handle them in and outside the classroom within the context of Korean teaching.

In the first session, students will be able to apply social identities into different contexts and to reflect on implicit bias and stereotypes with diverse teaching and learning scenarios in KSL or KFL setting. The discussion activities will help students understand how an individual’s identity interlock with other social factors and how implicit biases are embedded in Korean language and culture. In the second session, students will be able to identify implicit bias and discriminatory behaviors or remarks (microaggressions) as conscious and unconscious actions and choices of words that are offensive to certain social identity groups. The second session is intended to help students to develop an inclusive curriculum and to interact with diverse students.

OCCRL research assistant HyeJin Tina Yeo will speak at this event, which is part of the campus's Korean Summer Workshop.