Programs of Study (POS)


2015 Revised Principles to Guide Career Pathways and Programs of Study cp imageImplementation and Improvement

2009 Illinois Programs of Study Guide

The state of Illinois’ Programs of Study  (POS) initiative supports the development, implementation and evaluation of academic and career-technical curriculum extending from the secondary to the postsecondary level, including the development of evidence-based resource materials, an information-rich website, and professional development in the form of Webinars and workshops. These efforts extend OCCRL’s longstanding commitment to use research and development expertise to improve policy and practice that facilitates student transition to college. OCCRL has provided research and technical assistance to state education agencies in Illinois and other states since 1989.


  • Develop and disseminate a framework, design elements, and criteria for implementation and evaluation of programs of study, including the facilitation of POS state leadership, steering committees, and workgroups.
  • Provide evaluation expertise and lead the implementation of a statewide evaluation system.
  • Provide professional development that supports POS implementation statewide.
Illinois Career Cluster Models (FANS)
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